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And So We Start Again

  Dear No One, What can I say to make you more comfortable? You're here because you've become curious about what I write. You've seen me live, or you've watched a reel...regardless, I suppose I should say thank you and welcome. Unfortunately, I feel you will soon become bored.  The writings on this page will no longer be ramblings that surface from thoughts I'm decided not to dump and have yet to process. No...the writing on this page will be purely from my imagination. The focal point will be characters I'll always identify in the title.  Why write a fictional blog, why not a book? : I want to write without the confinement of judgement. Fact of the matter, for me, my writing was never about releasing a story, but writing in general. I only managed to 'complete' 9 novels because I had support helping me to focus on completion. I don't have that anymore, and I don't want it, to be honest.  I was given a ticking clock and boy, is it getting loud th